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Goin' Nuts...
Latest pre-travel disaster: I had near enough 100 Euros stashed away...They cannot be found! I know where they should be, but they ain't. Heaven help me. I changed some money this morning, but I can't bloody afford this. It's mad.
I also feel I'm getting another cold. Sore throat this morning and lots of sneezing.
To distract myself from fear and lunacy, I watched THOR, which wasn't all that. It had that 'video-game' look, and not enough Loki. As these things go, MAN OF STEEL was far superior. IMO
It's also beginning to look like my specs with new lenses aren't going to arrive before I go to Riga.. I'm currently wearing an old 'spare' pair, wot I can't see very well with, and they are ugleee. At least since my face got thinner I don't look quite as much like Ronnie Barker in them as I used to, but I don't go much on my chances of erotically ensnaring some rich mittel-European  mature hottie...


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Aaargh! Riga is cheapish though. I think!

Was going to say before, but LJ ate my comment. One of the things people grouse about with budget airlines is the expensive and poor food, but the flight is cheap like a coach trip and you don't expect food on a coach. Psychologically, we sort of expect food on a plane, and feel miffed if we don't get to eat even if we're not hungry. I get round this by bringing my own snacks.

Another tip, bring an empty water bottle through security and then go to the bars in duty free and ask them to fill it with tap water. No one has ever hassled me for doing this and it's way cheaper than the exorbitant mini-water bottles you'd have to buy after security.

Another tip. UK airport waiting areas are pretty good and full of stuff, but small European airports often have barren duty free waiting areas where if you're hungry a foul sandwich will cost you a fortune. Again, buy snacks from the supermarket in town beforehand. I know this sounds obvious, but I told all my students and the other lecturers to do this (there was a Lidl opposite the hostel!) and none of them did, and of course, you arrive in the airport lounge, get bored and hungry and there's nothing to eat but a giant toblerone! There was grousing.

I would never expect food on a short flight. I certainly wouldn't pay Ryanair for it! I always do the supermarket snacks thing, if at all possible.
Not having much money to spend, I seldom buy much when I'm away. You always blow a lot somehow, anyway, museum fees and whatnot...

Ah, you already had it sussed, after the grousing I had to endure from my students and fellow lectures I forget that most people have more sense!

It always amazes me, how much people waste on food when travelling. I like tasting the odd local stuff, but you can do that cheaply. I have very unsophisticated tastes, too, and am quite happy with a hunk of nice-quality bread and cheese.
BTW is Black Balsam anything like Jagermeister (which I really like-)?

I don't know, I've never tasted Jagermeister!

Thor I or Thor II? I liked Thor 1 more the second watching more than the first, but still some the first, coming from very low expectations - it's got some humour ('well, then, do you have a dog I could ride?'), the first time I was a bit put off by the, what I imagined was, Straczynski dialogue. (although he is only credited for story, so maybe not his fault)

Reason I ask is I watched half of Supes last night. Wasn't blown away (obvs, not finishing it), but what the much-Krypton-ness reminded me of was Thor's Asgard, so it's coincidental you commenting on the two back to back. I thought it was odd they went for such a long hi-tech alien intro and Zod - rather than the for me more compelling fishing boat arena of the hidden hero. I thought there was more could have been done there. I guess you have to explain the cape. Seemed like they'd gone for a Thor take on Supes, which surprised me.

It was THOR 2, The Dark World, or whatever.Maybe I was just OD'd on superheroes having just seen MAN OF STEEL. I find Thor's human sweetie rather dull, and it seemed to be largely focused on her.
The bad elves were kind of meh, too.

I think you were in the wrong mood. Thor II I liked them revisiting their clockwork-gold-filigree-rococo Agsard and doing it even more so than the first time - how can you not love the little flying boats?

And yes, take it one way the bad elves were people in black lycra with white masks on plus that unfoldy tech from Stargate, I can see that, but I didn't mind. Our mileages differ.

(I'm ignoring the Asgardian genocide of ALL THE ELVES as if it's an 'over thinking' point for one's enjoyment of the film)

Six-legged giant dog-thing on the roof chasing pigeons didn't make you laugh?

That guy has obviously "Forgotten the face of his father" (Stephen King reference).

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