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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Fretful Geriatric
dot cotton
Knackered. The insomnia is back, and I lay there half the night sweating about getting to Riga, while those annoying children's broadcasts chirped away on the World Service. I know once I get there and get caught up in gawking at the architecture etc., I'll be OK. It's the actual travel that terrifies me...and what if I faint/puke at the airport from the anxiety?, etc. etc.. etc. What fools these mortals be. Of course, the cure for this nonsense is just to feckin' do it.
Even my mother went back on her own to revisit Australia, when she was about 70, and she was totally certifiable.
...Oh, I'd forgotten that Richard Wagner was in Riga for some time, but had to flee from creditors. A stormy voyage evidently inspired some of the FLYING DUTCHMAN score.


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Riga will be fab! Here's the 2 posts I made from my visit which might be handy for ideas. Riga and Rigan food.

If you check out the food post, there's links to two Latvian traditional (and used by locals) eateries - these are well worth a look as they are cheap and buffet style, so you can pick out only veggie food (in theory) and you are charged per item - it's not all you can eat. It's a good place for eating cheaply according to how hungry you are, so you can get a small portion of local food to suit your now smaller stomach easily.

'Smaller stomach' has now regrown, I'm afraid. I can eat loads. Not being a proper foodie, I usually do studenty things like taking extra rolls, cheese, etc. from the B&B and having that for lunch.
Buffets do sound like a good idea, though, will check out your posts

The printer-situation PLUS Ryanair is very anxiety-making. I get stressed about whether my boarding pass printed out clearly enough to be scanned (having had problems in the past).

Riga looks as if it will be well worth it, though. I see it was one of the cities in the Hanseatic League. I recently saw a Jonathan Meade program about the League (actually, about northern European identity), and the League cities seem to be just crammed with distinctive architecture.

Yes, the photos are incredibly surreal; giant art nouveau heads all over the place, etc... I'm just about to make my third attempt at getting a boarding pass (WIBBLE!) It didn't cross my senile mind that I was going to have to enter my sodding passport number! Off to the cafe again... :(
Glad you enjoyed PETER GRIMES> I would like to check out the broadcast, if they do it again.
I've gone all fangirl over Fulham Opera, since Moto got me into RHEINGOLD the other night. The most obvious candidate for complete fail ever... THE RING in a wee church, with no orchestra. Even with excellent singers, there was no way it could work, I thought,but it did. Just ace!

You're going to have a great time! I went swimming on my own last night which was rather daunting, maybe not in the same league as getting a plane, but I did pat myself on the back after.

That might be a problem with my lack of IT savvy. Doodles for sure.

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