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Travel Anxiety...
Twitch Bugs
Boy, it sucks, being old and anxious about every bloody thing. I'm not starting my 'trek' until 4 March, but I have to get a boarding pass from RyanAir, and  get my ticket for the coach to Stansted. Both have to be done online, and I don't have a functional printer. This involves complicated back and forthing to the cafe, etc. etc. I'm afraid of RyanAir, too. I've flown with them before, but in the olden days when they had 'real' tickets. They're sure to do something mean. Wibble!
I dreamed about 'Riga' last night, actually. I've often visited a city that's a cross between mammoth Piranesi hulks studded with huge statuary and -maybe- the 'marble' area of Washington D.C., and this time, it was called Riga. There was a sudden storm. It got VERY dark, but I managed to shelter in a doorway. Then I had to queue for something, and was afraid that some man I fancied was going to walk in, and see me being idiotic.
Still watching SALAMANDER, but I haven't  got into it; just doesn't grip me, for some reason.
I seem to have lost about 20 films I had recorded, somehow, and I'm left with nothing but a few episodes of BENEFITS STREET! to watch when nothing's on. Bum!


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Be brave; you'll be alright :)

My experience with the e-tickets is that nowadays they prefer you to save them to your smartphone—assuming that everyone has a smartphone, right?

For the past 10 years or so, I've had a really sketchy, unreliable printer, so this is my preferred format. A few years ago, I had to buy a plane ticket for a Hopi friend living out west—who doesn't even have a computer—and the ticket ended up being irretrievably lost. (He's also dyslexic.)

But I was the one who wasn't able to retrieve it.

Ain't got no smartphone. I'm OLD. I can't even use my cheapo mobile properly.
My sister still has a dial-up computer!

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