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Love And Art...
Saw an excellent little film, CUTIE AND THE BOXER, about a married artistic couple from Japan, living, and bickering affectionately, for many impecunious years in New York. It was really quite touching. (I was also a bit encouraged, as the husband, despite having been an alcoholic for ages, is now 80 or so, and fit as flea, still making art.)

Had one of those horrorshow moments when you catch sight of your raddled features reflected in a window. Holy Mother of God...I look like a dehydrated apple, with two little currant eyeballs. Facelift IMPERATIVE!  I know vanity is absurd in one such as I, wot was ugly from the get-go, but  it just seems so weird, feeling twenty years younger  (well, a lot of the time-), but  looking twenty years older. Oy...
Looking forward to checking out a very curious performance of RHEINGOLD on Sunday, thanks to motodraconis
It's taking place in a church in Fulham, with an orchestra of eight!. Surely, this could not be anything but a disaster, but it's been quite well received, and certainly arouses one's curiosity. Looking forward to it...

Doodle time:

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I think part of the reason I've never wanted to get thinner is because my skin is so messed up already i can just imagine what horrors it would expose if it wasn't padded out. I do wonder if my terrible veiny legs would look better, because I really don't like them- but then I still wear a swimming costume so it's not like they stop me doing stuff.

Bad news. I thought *my* horrible veiny legs might look better with less deathfat. Nooo, they look MUCH worse! They've stopped me swimming for years, and I'm currently having foam injection treatments, which so far, aren't working too well. *Sigh*
Best thing is definitely your way, not letting hideous body stuff prevent you from doing things.Tere will always be some other deformity/deterioration to deter you, even if you get rid of one thing...

There should in theory be a couple of tickets waiting for us when we arrive. Liza is pretty good with this sort of thing. She's understudy, and may or may not be there depending on the situation, but if she is we'll give her a wave. :)

Great. I can get a 245 from Clapham junction, and will aim to get to Fulham Broadway station by 7:00. This is so weird, I'm quite looking forward to it. :)

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