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It was pretty intense last night, but I was surprised to see not one tree down in the dog park; not even any big branches. After my wind-swept workout, I did't do much, just carried on clearing out drawers and got another sackful of stuff to recycle; mostly giant bras and knickers this time, and yet again, there doesn't seem to be any more space.
The sun came out now and then, but it was showery and still very blustery. I watched MAN OF STEEL, which much to my surprise, was great fun, a bit too long, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now, must resist intense craving for pizza...When H was here t'other night, a usually reliable local venue sent us a rubbery, blandly greasy  quattro fromagi...Me want 'authentic Italian base', double mushrooms with a splodge of ricotta, spinach, and olives. (drools onto grubby old fleece kaftan) But I ain't having one...maybe on discount Tuesday._IMG_NEW_0001_IMG_NEW


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