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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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destroy planets
Feel really bad, now. If I'm ever going to improve, I really can't skip choir practise. I said I'd go if it wasn't raining at 19:00, but instead, I dozed off in front of the news, and was awakened at ten past, by a delivery...too late to get myself sorted and up to the Common in time. I did get the delivery, though. It was the red puffa coat, which - just- fits, and is rather jolly, AND the smallest pair of jeans I've purchased in over 30 years. Of course, I am still grossly huge by the standards of those who pronounce the 'norm', but still I think it's pretty spiffing. Hup!  I know I keep waffling on about it, but the tiny, trivial  things I can now do/ fit into, etc. continue to astonish and delight me, although my mobility remains crap.( Of course I never expected losing any amount was going to give me new knees, despite the medics suggesting it would..).
I don't think I'm ever going to master dip pens. It really pisses me off...

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Hi Lee - dip pens are surly beasts, you end up learning a whole new way of doing lines, always subconsciously remembering to do them the 'pull' way so the nib doesn't dig into the paper. A well-polished nib can be trusted to 'push' as well, but you'd need to scrub a new one up & down a chunk of French chalk for a while to get it that smooth.

Oh, you're certainly a real artist. I only wish I had a fraction of your talent.

I still need to have a go with those dippers... I've drawn nothing for months and it's winding me up! Nowt but work. :(

Any chance of a pic or drawing of the fabulous puffa?

Hee, coming soon. It's no big thing, really cheap, but a bargain.

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