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Day After...
Feeling very strange, and my throat is acting up...(self sabotage because of impending choir practise?) I've got some Covonia left over from last winter, so I'll try that.
I have not been to the outdoor (wet-) OR indoor gym. Very bad me, but hey, I was down there on Christmas Day, for fuck's sake. Gotta skive sometime.
I've spent the afternoon allowing the cat to sprawl on the bed with me (wheeze...) while I watched BRIDESMAIDS, which actually made me laugh out loud several times. I just don't care for comedies, as a rule, especially rommy ones.

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Christmas? That's a long skive. But then, I've been skiving since Christmas too, I think - of 1984. But if you can still sing in chorus properly it's not too bad.

I have a sore throat too, I dunno if there was a wretched cold buzzing around in that box. :(

Been to choir and only rasped a little more than usual. I definitely do feel a *bit* lurgy-ish, but touch wood, it doesn't seem to be getting worse, and may just pass over. Hope you're similar.

No I meant I was exercising Christmas Day. This is the first day I've skived in well over a month I think...and still I have the Guilt.

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