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Insanely Expensive Things...
One of the most intriguing things I gawped at in Harrods yesterday, was this watch:
It actually is quite an amazing piece of work. Howevah...For that kind of money, one could take  an around the world in luxury trip, get a full body lift,( if comme moi, you happen to be toting  few stone of empty  flesh  about), plus a nice discreet face and neck hoist, and maybe get a leasehold on  character property, in which to live comfortably, while splashing around life-changing windfalls to the needy.

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How much is it? I'm intrigued now, and his hideous website has no prices on it, which seems distinctly ominous.

Most of them seem to be around 500,000+, for limited edition. You can see them 'in person' on the ground floor of Harrods.

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