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ow The Other Half Shops...
I went and ordered a red coat...not the dear one I'd been gawping at, but a cheery-enough pack-a-parka type thing on sale at Cotton Traders. Heh...I know, I don't need another coat, especially in this mild winter.
R Next Door gave me a pack of Snack A Jacks for my birthday. That was kinda sweet, actually. Mmm, 'barbecue', too...
Decided to go on a spontaneous 'artist date' to Harrods. I don't think I've been in there for over 30 years...
When Al Fayed was in charge, I don't think they allowed people in jeans, shorts, etc. and I was afraid,
It seemed very different to what I remembered. I was fascinated by the old lending library, and the 'zoo', and I seem to recall musical instruments... The food halls hadn't changed much, but they somehow didn't have the strong aroma of pricey cheeses and stuff. There wasn't all that much of interest anywhere. I was strongly tempted to buy a chocolate coated sweet pretzel, 'only' £1.85, but I had a lot of food at home needing consumption before it went off,, so I restrained myself.
Even if I had unlimited money, I really can't see the point of spending £69 on a notebook... Some of the jewellery was interesting to look at, like the stuff from,
and some very weird and ornate watches , costing five figures, but I'd certainly have no desire to own them.
I knew a girl once, who was being kept by a Russian gangster who was seldom around. He never gave her a penny, but paid her rent, and gave her a Harrods card..She had to go there for all her groceries and stuff. Imagine buying a pint of milk at Harrods. Wonder what ever became of her?


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Shame on YOu!

Peppi does not wish to be remembered taking his morning comfort poop. He does not wish people to see him in That State! I must protest on his behalf.

And to further channel "R", your doodle of yourself does not match up with your photos of yourself. Your face is much thinner than your cartoon self. Time to revise your cartoon self image. Although it is interesting to think that that is the way that you see yourself.

Now Me and my channel guide "R" will wander off into the Web Ways.

Yes, I find I don't really know how to draw myself any more...roundfaced and chinless is, of course, a lot easier than cheekboned and wattled! You're right about Peppi as well. He's a very sensitive dawg and should not be depicted in such unavoidable moments of indignity. (but crapping dogs are funny...) He hasn't seen it, anyway, so it's OK. (That's what I say about my orrid portrayal of R.)

(but crapping dogs are funny...)

Moi...I am a connoisseur of the Fart Joke. Farting Deer are even funnier.

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