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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Croneish Lamentation...
"For the love of Mighty Fuck!", I look So Very OLD now. I was prepared for the Saggy Baggy Elephant body I now inhabit, which doesn't mean I like it  (Operate, please, soon!), but it's not much worse than I had as a supersizer. My feckin' face, though. Gods know I was way to the rear of the cuteness queue, anyway, but now I look like God's Granny.
Oh well, 'No sacrifice no victory'....*Sigh*
Just a few months ago, I was thinking I wouldn't mind if I don't get the body-lift from the NHS (too painful, dreary convalescence, possibly risky, etc.) Now I want the full Michael jackson, and I want it NOW! Depressives, eh?


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Ahh! Peppi has the profile of Noble Roman Dog (much like Romulus' and Remus's Canine Mom).

Favete linguis!

He is extremely aristocratic-looking (also rather delicate, suffers with his nerves...)

Do people say "lippy" in the UK for lipstick?

Not all the time, but yes.

My mum went through a stage of pestering me to book a facelift holiday to Poland for her. I was always pretty dubious, not to mention that you're supposed to see doctors first for consultation and she seemed to think I could see the doctor for her! I got out of it by saying I'd do nothing until she'd been given the all-clear by her GP - she never went and I got out of it. Much cheaper in Poland of course, and probably ok - but if something goes wrong, you've got no follow up.

Having said that, a chum went all the way to Thailand for a MtoF op and the whole thing worked like magic and she had a lovely chill out recovery in balmy sunshine afterwards, but then they're specialists in that sort of thing and she ended up being seen by one of their top surgeons in the field.

Good luck with NHS - they'll make you wait, but it's possibly less worry in the long term.

You don't get facelifts on the NHS unless you've been mutilated by a werewolf or something. They used to do the post-bariatric surgery body lifts, but not now. You have to struggle to get a'fund-holding grant' which usually takes about 3 years.
I used to know this woman who had a facelift she didn't need, IMO, and she didn't look any different at all to me, afterwards.She was really happy though. Strange are the ways of the human mind.

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