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Pleasantly Meeting Mr Eliot...
I totally enjoyed listening to FOUR QUARTETS on R4 just now (should be on iPlayer...) I'd not read or heard them in years, and they're still grand. EAST COKER, especially, is the dog's. As I'd expected Jeremy Iron's plangent purr suited them just right.
Also re-visited the brilliant '30's film of ISLAND OF LOST SOULS. Saw it on TV , heavily cut, as a kid, and we were properly scared.of the weird beast men loping around in the expressionist shadows. Unfortunately, this impressive specimen was just a makeup test.mutant
I do think I may have  spotted John Carridine as an extra, though. He might have been too well-known at that point, but could have done it for fun...Charles Laughton makes  an impressively creepy, slimy Doctor Moreau,Bela Lugosi rocks as the broom-faced Sayer of the Law, and Lota the Panther Woman still looks stunning.It's been on my LoveFilm list  as 'currently unavailable' for yonks, and I'm very glad it's back in circulation. Great stuff.

I was poorly this morning, puked after breakfast, and then (TMI ahoy-) had the runs!  I figured I was going to miss obsessively exercising, but by lunchtime I felt OK, and went and shuffled round the equipment. Alas, there were about 200 yapping kids and their brutal , bawling coach playing football while I was there. The guy was like something out of KES, and the kids seemed well intimidated. No girls, of course... I thought that females were now allowed on football sides, until 'they' use puberty as an excuse to ditch them. Mind you I certainly wouldn't fancy being bollocked incessantly by that old git. You'd have to be pretty footy-fixated.

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I've read parts of the Four Quartets. I have a copy of it at home that I am going to read properly some day.

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