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Was feeling all achy and dozy all day, and a bit anxious about returning to choir practise.. At around 4:30, I thought I'd have a wee nap and maybe feel about better by 715, to go over and have a sing. I woke up at fucking 10::30! That's bizarre, even for me, and now it will be even harder to go back. Damn!  To op it off, I was knackered again by midnight, and finally just went back to bed. On the bright side,Neil Nuness, one of my fave R4 voices was reading the Shipping Forecast (" SANdettieeeee Light Vessel Automatic"...)
At the doctor's I got the locum again, she gave me the depression text . "Seriously Depressed" as per usual.I also seem to have blephritis, which she noticed without my even taking my lasses off. Jeez another deformity, and caused my my weight loss, the drooping flesh on my haggard phiz pulling on my eyelids. strange that I missed that, but my eyes have been itching. My bloods were OK, and my BP medications has been halved though. so wayhey
I've also been referrred at last to the rheumaticy department for me arthur-itis, and to try and get a diagnois for my fibromyalgia, MS or whatever it is that makes me such a droopy person. Not much can be done about it, but it's good to actually know what's ailing you. I've been like this since my 30's, and it seems to be getting worse...


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Considering the various conditions that afflict you, you do an amazing job at shoving yourself outside at regular intervals, exercising, and generally keeping on trucking. Pretty impressive, ackshully. Let's hope your appointments turn up something helpful, although I'm not holding my breath, given how ridiculously short medicine falls with those conditions.

As for R and her black people's food, I wish I could say she is unique. My business partner spent some time in Texas for work and as well as marvelling at her ability to find Denzel Washington hot ("but he's blaaaack!"), they also refused to take her to a bagel shop. ("We don't eat THAT kind of food.") Not that I'm suggesting all Texans are horrifically racist, but those ones certainly were.

Neil! I hear him on the World Service. What a voice. Where else could he have ended up but radio?

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