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Pompous Prats...
A gang of smug-looking anti-choice gonks were on Whitehall with giant posters of a 'wanted' premature baby being tended, while equally developed foetuses lay, supposedly aborted, in puddles of gore.-'Unwanted babies.'  Now, I'm not 'for' late abortion, except in very unusual circumstances, myself, but these people were such obvious self-righteous, ignorant  pricks I just had to flash them the finger from the bus.
My current food craving is avocados.

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They do avocado juice here in Ethiopia, it is the most wonderful thing ever, I'll post photos at some point.

Umm, wonder how they juice it, as it's one of the things that it not recommended or juicing on our juicer.

I've had it in mango, avocado and coconut water smoothie which is very nice.

Hmm, that sounds a bit strange..but possibly in a nice way.

What an absolutely lovely drawing, which made me sniffle, but poor Lula! I hope R has the resources to get her medical help if she needs it.

Complicated. There's a PDSA at Victoria, but R can't drive there, due to the Central London charge and parking fees. The vet on Lavender Hill where we both go is *expensive*, but good, and convenient.
She's got insurance now, thank gods...Oh yeah, she can't take the bus to Victoria because it's full of black people who might murder her. (Actually, if they heard some of her bizarre super-racist tirades, that's just possible-)

I don't think I could find it in my heart to blame them if they did. Thank the goddess for insurance!

I think they would have had the finger from me too - hope Lula feels better soon :-)

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