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The December(!) issue of COMICS JOURNAL arrived with a huge feature on Debbie Drechsler, AND there's a chance, just a chance of my being a guest at the GRRR!2 con near Belgrade in October, if I can get some funding...Would that not be major fun? I was actually just fantasising recently about how I'd like to do another travel sketchbook/comic, about visiting Eastern Europe, from the vantage point of a poor and poorly old biddy. I'd like to go by coach and/or train, at least one way; maybe coming home from the festival, yadda yadda. I gotta get myself sorted, somehow, and go for this...Bring on the mood-altering prescription drugs!
Wotan is rolling on the floor dementedly with his one remaining top fang imbedded in his catnip cigar. Life is good today.

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