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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Nothing in particular; just feeling all languid and chronically fatigued and such.Weather's turning again, after a dry morning. London has certainly been very lucky so far, in the 'winter storm' season.
I discovered that for £20 more, I could book the Riga trip, for 5 March, which I did, thinking there probably won't be snow on the ground, and that point. I just hope I'm doing the right thing. The prospect of travelling solo is so frightening to me, nowadays. I'm not that scared of what will happen when I get there, it's the prospect of getting to the airport,getting on the flight, etc that freaks me out. Don't like the actual flying much, either. To top it off, takeoff is about 6AM!
MY BTinternet mail thing has shut me out yet AGAIN. Anyone who wants to contact me, better use dullegriet69@aol.com. SO annoying....
The new series of THE BRIDGE looks promising. I really like Saga. I can relate to her communication difficulties. Good to have some decent Scandi Noir back on telly.


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One benefit of such a hideous departure time is that at least it should be a doddle getting to the airport. One less worry off your plate. If you're concerned about having to schlep miles through the airport, there's always the assisted passenger option. That way you get to ride on that cool beepy cart thing.

Ha, I did that once, with friend H. It is rather fun.
Problem with getting to the airport is after-hours public transport, and exhaustion. I'll be up all night before I even get to Riga. I guess that's one reason why it's so cheap!

Yes, after-hours public transport is certainly difficult, to say the least. I don't know why London doesn't have reasonably priced (or any) door-to-door shuttles like other cities do. If they can do it in LA I'm sure it's possible in London. Do you get the Stansted coach from Victoria?

Thhink so. Haven't been to Stansted in years.

Yes, there's a coach that runs from there every 30 mins for six quid (on special). I know this because I looked it up and now am seeing ads for it on every webpage:).

Incidentally, not that you need to be worrying about this yet, but I was wondering since you'll be up all night anyway (ugh), if it might be easier to travel there late the previous evening while public transport is still running and hang out at the airport, which might not be as scary as a night bus just after the pubs have shut. And now I promise I'll stop obsessing about this:).

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