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New Year's Eve...

Went mooching round Covent Garden pointlessly, just to be out of the flat. There have been floods in the building, due to shoddy workmanship in the installation of the new bathrooms and kitchens, according to R Next Door, who is gloating. (She's refused to have her flat modernised to a 'decent accomodation' level.)
On Wandsworth Road, there's a big yellow sign pointing to Ascalon Street, for some reason. As far as I know, there's nothing of interest there. Anyway, despite living in the area for thirty odd years, every time I see it, I misread it as Eskaton Street, and go WTF?
That spook story THE THIRTEENTH TALE was quite passable last night, and I enjoyed the Michael Palin programme about Andrew Wyeth, who was interestingly odd, it turns out. I still don't really care much for MRS BROWN'S BOYS, but have to admit that that one where Mammy beat Granddad over the head with a tray to the strains of MULE TRAIN is a cherished memory.
Gosh, Antony Gormley got knighted. I was in a City Lit class with him once. You could tell he was going to be a big shot.
Well, apart from improved mobility, lower blood pressure, and overall (I hope-) better health due to dropping some of the deathfat, it's been rather a grim year. I don't think many people will be sorry to see the back of it. Hope springs eternal, though. Who knows, some good stuff could happen, maybe. Have a good one, everybody.


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