Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Latest Thrills...

Well, I won £5.80 on EuroMillions. Hup!
Absolutely loved DEATH COMES TO PEMBERLY, much to my own surprise. Although I've seen most of the film/TV Jane Austen adaptations, I have never read her, or had any desire to do so.
Didn't go much on the latest JANE EYRE, although the actual Jane (Mia Waslkowska) was excellent. It lacked Gothic woowoo.,. and Mr R (Michael Fassbender) was unsexy. (I know he's considered hott, but he's 'not my type', I guess..Hope he doesn't read this and get upset!)
Had an anxiety dream of being in an important choir concert, finding I was the only tenor who had shown up, and  absolutely bricking it. Woke up with the pillow on top of my head and Amazy on the bed treading on me with an expression of catly concern. I must have been have a good old toss-and-groan session. I always think of that Popeye cartoon where he's having a major battle, finally manages to reach his spinach, and wakes up to discover he's eating the mattress stuffing.
ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN a very old Hammer film with Peter Cushing is on at 2AM tonight. I remember being quite affected by it as a kid. It's probably ludicrous, now. I seem to remember it having a rather 'profound' ecological message, tough. It will be interesting to see what I make of it now.
Today's DVD was THE ACT OF KILLING, which has been chosen by most critics as one of the best films of 2013. I watched the 'theatrical version'. Don't think I want to wade through the director's cut just yet...It certainly is like nothing I've seen before, and I think it will stay with me, but really, WTF? I have very little idea of what was actually going on, and why these people wanted to be involved. I think the main torturer,(a quite pleasant looking old guy; passing resemblance to Nelson Mandela and similar taste in shirts.) was probably seeking some sort of absolution/exorcism. Jesus, it was weird.


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