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Another Christmas Down...


Looks like the scanner is conking out, again. Oh well, not drawing anything interesting at the moment.
Very curious twilight cloud formations, etc. over London, last night. They had an almost Northern Lights-y look,( not that I've ever  seen the real thing.).
Media Yule Observations: I was rather upset by FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS, with Paul O'Grady. This poor old man brought his two much-loved dogs to Battersea, because his wife, who used to take care of them, had died some months ago,, and seriously ill himself, he'd found he wasn't up to the task. He was obviously devastated. Surely some volunteer could have been found to help with walkies, etc., so that they could have stayed with him? Luckily for the dogs, they were personable Bichon Frise types, in good health, and were quickly rehomed, but what about the poor old geezer? *Sniff*
DOCTOR WHO, as usual, left me rather baffled, but this time, I wasn't much entertained.As expected, the new Doctor only appeared for a few seconds at the end. EASTENDERS Janine tried to kill blackmailing half-brother David, but lost her bottle at the last. (Well, she's already killed someone by car, although that time it was an honest accident-) She really is getting soft since Baby Scarlett came along. Anyway, she was last seen handcuffed and shrieking...Mark Gatiss kindly revived the old Christmas Ghost Story tradition with a very passable adaptation of the MR James tale, THE TRACTATE MIDDOTH, followed by an interesting biographical study of James himself. There was a fair bit of ballet about, but that doesn't really float my boat.I avoided the hideous rating-grabbers STRICTLY, CALL THE MIDWIFE, AND DOWNTON ABBEY. I have sat through all of them, now and then, but never have been able to comprehend.. WHY? It's obvious that many people sincerely enjoy these things, but WHY?
It was bone-chilling down in the park this morning, my hands were frozen, even with gloves. It isn't really all that cold, but it's so chillymisty... After exercising and having a little walkabout with R and the dawgs, I decided against going anywhere else. (I've got plenty of food, still, and didn't fancy crowded shops anyway. Most places of interest are still shut, and it was too nasty just to go strolling aimlessly.)  So, I guess I'l watch DVDs and maybe fill up another bag of too-big clothes for charity. I think they just re-grow in the wardrobes, or something. Every  time I think I've got rid of everything, I find more..)

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