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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Viennese Artist Date...


A lovely crisp day. Went to the West End, where I had a quick mooch in the National Gallery, before taking in the  Viennese Portrait exhibit. Might have been foolish, as I got a bit tired, and started to get that fainty feeling again. Nothing serious though, and the show was really worthwhile; quite a few pictures I'd never seen, and plenty of morbidity, death masks, etc, which is always good.
So expensive, though. Ten squid even with OAP discount. (Until a year or so ago, they always sullenly asked for proof of my geriatric/crip status...not any more.
I really like that blue cockerel in Trafalgar Square, more and more. They should keep it.
On the other hand, the still-huge pile of floral tributes, etc. honouring Mandela, in Parliament Square only draws attention to what a rubbish statue of him that it.

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It occurred to me that my business partner sometimes gets that sweaty/fainty feeling, so much so that she has occasionally ended up having to throw up out the car door while pretty much passing out. (A lovely experience for all concerned.) She's discovered recently though that she can stop it in its tracks by pressing an acupuncture point just under her nose. It's called the Chinese first-aid point and seems to affect some major nerves. Could be worth a try if you find yourself in that position again? You don't have to believe in it for it to work and it's free.

Huh, that's really interesting. Ill have a go. I have used tat point to stop myself sneezing, and it often works...Thanks.

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