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Deck The Streets With Grubby Glitz...

Heard a very interesting play on R4 the other day, THE MORPETH CAROL. It's seasonal, but I shouldn't say much about it. I was impressed, anyway. It's still on iplayer.
I thought I'd go and have a look at this year's austerity decorations on Regent/Oxford streets. Yes, pretty lame. Selfridges' as usual, had the best show. Nothing like they used to be, though. I remember one long-ago year when there was a window with an Ali Baba theme, featuring animatronic Thieves popping their heads in and out of the giant jars. Must have cost a bundle... There seemed to be fake snow flurries, which was fun. I'm not quite sure where they were coming from, though. John Lewis, maybe. Their windows were passable, as well.
As I passed Berwick Street, I thought I'd try to find GOSH again, and this time I did. It's smaller than I expected, but has plenty of good stock. I had the Sholley, so I didn't try going downstairs, but I was glad to see that they're nothing like the terrifying spiral one at the old shop. I blew money catching up on the excellent Comix Reader as I'd missed a couple. It really is good value. My only complaint is that some of the small print is too much for my old eyes.
My copy of The Strumpet arrived, too. It looks terrific, although I've not had time to read it yet.
R Next Door is really on a roll with the weird utterances this week.  She's determined  not to have her gruesomely decrepit kitchen and bathroom replaced, as anything the contractors do will be shoddy, and even worse than the original. I can see her point, in a way, as the council contractors are invariably crap. Nothing could be worse than the decaying thirty-and more-year-old slums we had, though. I'm quite pleased with mine...She says it's 'a toy kitchen', and wouldn't suit anyone who actually cooks (possibly true-) and kept pointing out how the doors of my cupboadrs are already falling off, and there's 'rust' all over the sink, etc. All of this is entirely in her imagination, of course... It also seems that while she's looking after Amazy, she has a good old root around, in there. That spooks me, although I always hide anything really personal, incriminating cartoons, etc. when I know she's going to be on her own in the flat. She really doesn't have much of a notion of boundaries.

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