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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Something Strange Going On...
Holmes pipe
R Next Door hasn't been seen all week, didn't respond to texts or notes through the door, but as she was obviously collecting her post, I didn't push it. She finally appeared in the dog park this morning, pale and limping very badly. She says she's been trying to get an appontment with her GP all week, but they won't give her one. She went on to rant about the  uselessness of the NHS, and how it would be better if people had to pay, then there wouldn't be so many chavs clogging the surgeries up with their 'self-inflicted injuries', which, of course, includes obesity. No use in arguing, or pointing out that her crippiness originated in multiple falls from horses back in her show-jumping days...Anyway, she looks seriously frelled, but there's nothing I can do to help. She knows about walk-in centres, and all that. She's also getting regular 'threatening letters' from the council, who want to inspect her flat, since she's refused to have a new bathroom and kitchen installed. It certainly isn't up to 'a decent standard' so I can understand why she doesn'r want people to see it. *Sigh*
I took my leg for a walk down to the common and around the high street. There's an interesting 'pop-up shop' on North Street, full of nice retro stuff, glass Ricard  bottles and all that sort of thing. Most of it is very dear, of course, and I'm resolved to avoid piling up more uselesss 'chatchkas'.