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Red Sky At Morning...
Dunno about these 'severe weather warnings'. Nothing due down here for a while, but there certainly is a strangely threatening dawn this morning...
I don't see any change in my veiny leg, and it was stinging like hell all day yesterday. The stocking cuts into my weirdly misshapen leg, and all. i walked a fair bit, as instructed, and did upper bod stuff in the 'gym', but as the day wore on, I started feeling crook, and didn't feel like schlepping down to choir, which was meeting in the scabby pub. My bad.
Like many other RIPPER STREET fans, I am shocked at its being cancelled. Not Fair! It's top notch trash, with the most entertaining dialogue since DEADWOOD. Sign the petitions, everyone!
I really think my scanner has a dybbuk or something. There seems to be no reason for its frequent  conk-outs, and weird messages...


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