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Stoned-Out Feline...

Wotan really did not want to go to the vet's today. Thank the gods for Renate. Eventually, we made it, with him yodelling gruesomely all the way on the bus. He's gained half a kilo, which is a lot for a cat, really. He kept trying to hide in my armpit while being prodded and pricked, making me feel 'guilty' enough to invest in this giant catnip cigar on the way out. (In for a penny, in for hundreds of pounds;stugotz!) These things are supposed to be 'the world's strongest' and they sure smell intense. On the 'cigar band' is a great drawing of a pie-eyed "EL GATO muy loco" , looking a lot like Wotan does right now. He's been rolling ecstatically all over the place, and is now slumped in a corner, staring and drooling. Massively entertaining...
I got a wee cheque in the post for a project that hasn't even been confirmed yet; really does my crabby old heart good to know there are generous, thoughtful folk in this world. I only pray that sometime in my breadline life I'll actually be in a position to pay back, and help out other suffering impecunious arty folk, too...
Anybody who can get BBC4; don't forget to watch, or set your videos for the fab film Saturday night. If you haven't seen DEVIL'S BACKBONE, it's just a must, must, must!

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