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Home from MCR...

I really did complete my month of daily doodles, but I guess I blew it, as I was in the wilds and couldn't post 'em. Such as they are, here they are anyway.
There are are few more scritches, but the scanner just conked out...
It certainly is a long way to Shropshire. (Until Thursday, I'd had some vague notion we were going to Dorset!) Didn't clock any interesting Lads, but there was an Eeyoreish hairy pony who didn't want to know, and a friendly Briard. I walked in some horseshit, and mainly sat in a silent stupour, slowly sinking into the sofa. We produced the strangest, most incomprehensible to anyone who wasn't there, MCR jam minicomic EVER. Pretty cool. It was a very good, huge, weird house, and congratulations/thanks to Jay and Selina for finding/booking it and arranging/catering/supervising the whole thing. and yet again, thanks to Sophie and Chris for getting me there and back, as they cannae be thanked enough.
So, now I can concentrate on getting my right leg's varicose veins zapped by foam injection tomorrow afternoon... "Yew are going to let zem inject zis FOREIGN SUBSTANCE into your body?! Already yew haff zat THING inside yew.." (R Next Door, who refuses to accept that I don't have a gastric band, they 'just' whisked out half my stomach...)

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