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I got a message that I've finally got an appointment to have the varicose veins on leg one seen to-on  Monday afternoon!
Thy say I have to get a taxi home, if I'm not being picked up. Damn, I don't even know what this entails. I'd sort of hoped to somehow  have an extra night at the MCR, too. Things always happen this way, though, don't they?
I'm so hungry, too. I wonder if the roux en y would have been 'better'? That's what I was expecting to have, but they changed their minds not long before the op. No point in thinking about it, really.

Had my hair buzzed, and faffed around with my new phone, which I can't master. Maybe at the MCR I can get some help. I think I'm hopelessly incapable with techhy stuff, though.

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