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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Here are some interesting musings on selfies:

And here are some more of mine.
Snapshot_20101004That was then.

Snapshot_20131122 This is now.
(NB: tragic effort to conceal komodo wattle with bulky scarf...)
They seem quite pleased with my efforts at the hospital. I've lost about 40 kilos since the op, plus the 20 or so I lost beforehand, through exercise. Hup!

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Thank you. I keep thinking how gaunt, ancient, and droopy I look, of course.

Nice pic - I need to shed a Hooooge amount of weight myself :-/

God knows, it ain't easy...

Your face doesn't look gigantically lardy in the first photo, but you can definitely see a big difference now. I have to say that after reading many moanings about your hideousness, I was astonished by your photo as you look terrific. Look at your lovely bone structure and gorgeous smile! (As for your neck concerns, it reminds me of Nora Ephron's book I Feel Bad About My Neck. On turning to the author photo to see just how bad this neck thing was, I found she was wearing a polo neck sweater pulled up to under her eyes:).) 60 kilos is fantastic. Must make a massive difference to the stress on your knees.

Well, my knees are totally FUBARd, I'm afraid. That said, although they don't work, they don't work rather less agonisingly, and my back doesn't hurt much at all, so I'm well chuffed.
Thanks for the support.

Both faces look good to me, but as I've mentioned before, you have a distinctly pixyish look with spikey hair and thinner face. It makes you look younger, which is unusual, as generally chubbier faces look younger than thinner faces.

Yes, I'm convinced chubby faces look younger. Of course, I *always* see myself as a grotesque monstrosity, whatever I do.

You look younger in the second one, to me. A certain punky puckishness. In both you look good.

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