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So Much To Do...
...But I'm actually doing fuck all. I had a wander around Covent Garden. The decorations are up, and pretty unimpressive, but there was some very tempting German nosh being purveyed. Nice smells.
EASTENDERS was actually rather fun, tonight. 'Squeal' Beal wailing and whimpering for mercy is always good value. Looks like the Square is about to lose its only moderately dishy man, Sam, though. Lame villain Carl is also being menaced by Phil, but unfortunately hasn't been rubbed out.
Choir was scary last night. There were only four 'tenors' and I felt very exposed. Eeee...
I've been so annoyed by puritanical condemnation of Ecigarettes that I've ordered a pack. I've been wanting to try them, anyway.


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