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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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South Bank...
I was lucky enough to get through my 'workout' without getting rained on, and decided on a little artist date at the NT to see the photo exhibit I missed last time. It took me about 20 minutes to find the Terrace Bar via 'glass lift' and asking several people who obviously worked there for directions, hopelessly. Good thing I went today, though, as they were just taking the photos down! There was some interesting stuff about the NT's productions  and surrounding environments, and it was definitely worth checking out.
There were 'gypsy' heather-sellers around in force, accosting people. I haven't seen any in several years, and all of a sudden there are dozens, it seems, patrolling the river walk. They scare me a bit.
The scale of the Philippines disaster, which at first appeared surprisingly mild, just gets more horrendous. I mean what can you DO? I give a feeble amount of money, but always wonder, in these cases, if it's actually going to the people who need it. Give anyway, I guess, because you have to try to do something...
Once again, I have missed out on a NT Encore screening. I wonder if I'm finally going mad. Like with the OTHELLO, the date/time  I'm certain I saw on the Picture House site had vanished when I went back to book for FRANKENSTEIN.
THE HABIT OF ART was listed, and that looked good, but not £11 quid's worth of good. Bum!

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Suck about Othello - I wonder why they don't show them for more than just a short season anyway? Why not at least put them on DVD or online so they're rentable? I see no point whatsoever in restricting access to them, since *more* access seems to be the point. Wow, your 'ackney Picturehouse has the full monty - RSC, Met, Bolshoi... Now if only the tickets were cheaper!

I agree, DVDs would be nice. Picturehouse cinemas are excellent. I use the Clapham one, when I'm indulging myself. I haven't seen anything in a cinema, except HAMLET the other week, for *years.*
The operas are even dearer than the NT stuff.

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