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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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HOW Many Hamlets?
Olivier Hamlet (52)

  • Laurence Olivier

  • Nikolas Kepros ( A fairly well known NY actor)

  • Richard Chamberlain! (I can't remember much, but he was pretty well received)

  • Innokenti Smoklunovsky (my personal fave; bottom right))

  • Richard Burton (alive on stage! I was much impressed as a teen-)

  • Christopher Plummer (Michael Caine as Horatio!)

  • William Houston (some educational DVD, I think)

  • Nicol Williamson

  • Derek Jacobi (really didn't care for him)

  • Kenneth Branagh (ditto-very dull, and the full-length version was plodding in the extreme)

  • David Tennant

  • Adrian Lester

  • Mel Gibson (actually not at all bad, IMO)

  • Kevin Kline (STRANGE casting)

  • Ethan Hawke

  • Rory Kinnear ( very impressive)

Sixteen, then...I'm sitting here feeling sick, bored  and sneezy 'waiting for the man' , or woman, who is supposed to be coming to deal with my latest ant invasion, thus might as well make dopey lists and stuff.
  I 'should' be going to the New Vic tonight, to make a few raspy noises with the choir, who are involved in a performance of THE EVENTS, whatever that is. Doubt if I'll make it, though. It will probably rain, and I am frit of tottering around in the dark...not to mention I still don't know my part, and can't even remember the words. I am still feeling like rubbish, too. *Snort, Wheeze...*
Haven't exercised yet, either. I really have become a bit obsessive about it, and I've already missed it once this week, what with the storm preventing outdoor efforts, and feeling too tired and emotional after spending most of the day gawking at Kinnear's Hamlet, to go to the gym. Tsk! Thing is, once you miss a few days, you're liable to really backslide and give up.
I been there before.

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Kenneth Branagh (ditto-very dull, and the full-length version was plodding in the extreme)

So glad I didn't borrow that version today.

Well, ya never know. A lot of people thought he was very good.
I do reckon you really can't see 'too many' Hamlets. Even the most unlikely actors (Mr Gibson?) often bring something quite interesting to it.

Ken Branagh (which I always mentally pronounce Bra-NAAAAAH!, thanks to the Fast Show) was dull? Bugger, he's Macbeth in the NT version! I quite liked him in Henry the Whatever Part Whoosit doing the St Crispin's Day speech, though.

God, I'm impressed you can remember all those Hamlets. Mine have mostly been in the theatre and I'm having trouble recalling any of 'em.

I generally do quite like him, but I found him a dud Hamlet. (Love him as Walander, though.) I haven't seen his Macbeth, I don't think. I'd like to have a look at that. Have you seen Patrick Stewart as M? He was amazing

Oh yes, Ken was an excellent Henry V.

No, I haven't. I've only seen him as Prospero - on Broadway, on New Year's Eve, paying more than I'd ever thought it was possible to pay for tickets, on my very first night in New York, back in the 90s when Tines Square wasn't quite as Disneyficated as it is now. What a crazy night. He was incredible. And I loved New York just as much.

"Tines Square"??? Tee hee! Forking brilliant!

What did you think of Tennant's Hamlet?

He's done one has he? I was just suggesting that aftr seeing this photo on Facebook:

Edited at 2013-11-01 01:12 pm (UTC)

Very good;very quick and witty. He didn't really move me, though.

I at first found him a bit like a kid, who was sulking because his mother had forgotten to pack his sandwiches or something. Seemed a bit more realistic later on when he was having a bit of an Oedipal strop with his mother.

I've only seen a clip on TV of a bit of it, but he didn't impress me much. Like you say, a bit kidly. Although I wondered if I was being too harsh on him, because after all Hamlet sort of is an angsty Goth teenager. I would like to have seen all of it.

Angsty Goth teen - LOL, think you've nailed it there :-)

Don't forget Bob Denver as Gilligan as Hamlet.

That's a new one! I never was really into GILLIGAN'S ISLAND.

so interesting to learn that anybody non-Russian watched Russian Hamlet ( our Sherlock Holmes was the best as well, before Cumberbatch and lee Miller)

That film was actually quite popular in the west. So beautiful...

Re: Sherlock... Cumberbatch is cool, but the 'real' classic Holmes is Jeremy Brett.
I'd be quite curious to see a Russian version

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