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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Such A Sight As This...
dot cotton
Scary Hallowe'en selfie!
Wonder if these  Clark Kent/Ronnie Barker specs are any better-looking on me since my face is a bit less moonish? Prob'ly not...Shame, as they're actually my most comfortable glasses, but I don't usually wear 'em outdoors due to the
extreme monstrosity factor.
Tell ya one thing for sure, if ever I win the lottery, I am definitely going to resort to a neck lift. I look like a feckin' komodo dragon these days.

Glad to see RIPPER STREET back on BBC1 last night. Ah trash, how would I cope without it?


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as usually you make me laugh. dont be hard on yourself, 90% women think that they look like shit 90% of time

I want to be a Komodo dragon!

That's a great selfie - suitably diabolical. :D

You look much younger in real life than in your drawings. And look at all those books! I love having a lot of books around. My wife doesn't care so much for it, but I think it's great.

Sometimes I wonder about having so many books. There's way too much clutter in my flat, and i already gt rid of loads of them!

Your hair colour is gorgeous. Not many people are lucky enough to get that pure shiny white - looks fab esp with the short cut. (Also, I may not be the most fashion forward person in the world, but your glasses look great to me...)

Thanks! Hair, of course is largely bottle-generated!

That's how the best people do it! Personally, I am blonde in my soul.

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