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One Hell of a HAMLET

My patch of London was quite fortunate, storm-wise Yeah, it was very windy, but no more than most of last winter/spring. Just a couple of miles down the road, though, there were bendy cranes in Whitehall, and the rather endearing giant beach ball on the rampage in Old Street...
So, I was able to get up to Venn Street without too much fear of falling trees and stuff, to see the NT HAMLET screening.
There were about fifty people there. I noticed from my back row perch, that at least forty-five of the heads in front of me were Grey Like Mine (Sigh).
I don't know if there was a technical problem, or something, but they kept running a slide show of rehearsal photos, NT facts, and Comming Attractions over and OVER for about half an hour before the show actually started and THEN there was a documentary featurette, which was interesting, at least... I could get into attending these things, even at £11 a pop, if they had more in the daytime. I'd really like to see the FRANKENSTEINs, and the engaging  Tom (Loki) Huddleston, who was so good as Hal/Henry V in THE HOLLOW CROWN is doing Coriolanus in January. After today, I really need to see young Mr Kinnear's Iago, too, and with Adrian Lester as Othello, it ought to be quite as brainbusting as helenraven recently assured me.
Anyway Nicholas Hytner's almost full-length production was a knockout. It was set in a contempoary police state, which I hadn't been quite sure about, but it worked perfectly. The whole cast was absolutely commitedly convincing, except for Giles Terera's rather uninvolved, learned-by rote-sounding Horatio, but even he seemed into it, by the end. ( I must say the duel scene, less balletic than usual, was actually quite alarming, with freaked-out courtiers running around hysterically, etc.) The Ghost,  (James Laurenson) although not 'scary', was rivetingly intense.
Rory Kinnnear was quite as fantabulosa as I'd been anticipating. He reminds me a bit of another fave obsession, Kevin Spacey. Although fairly unprepossessing to look at (balding, squidgily 'ordinary' features-) he can have you totally mesmerised with his uncanny emotional expressiveness and intelligence.
I reckon I've seen fifteen Hamlets on stage and screen, and Kinnear is now my number two favourite. (I still like the gorgeous Innokenti Smoktunovsky in the Russian version  best-)
I was so emotionally wrung out, I could barely stand up and wobble to the bus stop. Oh, I have to say it is also still such a rush for me to go into a theatre and sit down comfortably without being slowly sawed in half by the chair arms. A year or so ago, sitting through a show that long would have been agonising. Heh. Theatre chairs should be wider, dammit! Not everyone gets the chance to lose a big wodge  of deathfat.


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