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A Date With Durer...
Totally spent. I thought I'd have my artist date for the week before the deluges commence, and decided on the Young Durer exhibit of drawings & engraving at the Courtauld...A nice, short, one-bus journey... Several 87s passed by, and I asked the next driver what was going on. He grunted something about "Diversions. The top of Whitehall is a big hole, now"  I don't remember being notified of this. Anyway, I got on to go as far as Parliament Square, where we were decanted with no information about how/where to get the buses that were actually going round the back way to te Aldwych. It was a shambes of course, and nothing would stop anywhere, sooo, I ended up walking most of the way from the far side of Parliament Square, to the gallery. I suppose it would be no trouble for the still-young and fit, but for an old crip/crock like me, even with half of my deathfat shed, and a Tramadol taken, it was hard work. So feckin' HOT, too, it ain't natural, etc.
I had considered going to the Viennese Portraits show at the NPG, instead, but I had a Durer head on, by the time we got dumped, and nothing else would do, today.
By the time I got there, I was so weary I just wanted to sit and drink lots of coffee, really, but it was a very interesting show, and I enjoyed it. (I don't remember seeing those doodles he used to do of his legs. I do that!) Not too crowded, either.
Booked my ticket to see Rory Kinnear's NT HAMLET at the Clapham Picture House next Monday afternoon. It cost £11.00, but I've been so impressed by his work in various things I've seen recently, that I want to catch up with some of his Shakespeare. Even in COUNT ARTHUR STRONG, he made 'Michael', who basically exists to be stooge to the clownish old git, a rounded personality who you actually kinda care about.


I STILL WANT JUNK FOOD, dad-blast it...

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Wow - an interesting day. Durer AND the promise of seeing Rory Kinnear - I hear he is very good. I did Hamlet in my last academic year - grumbled about it at the time, but really enjoyed it in the end .

Re deathfat shedding - any tips? I am a yoyo lard bucket :-/

I was just thinking - how many Hamlets have I seen. May make a list. Yeah, I think Rory K will be an interesting one.
Re: weight loss, I've always been seriously big, which didn't bother me until my late 40's, when arthritis started kicking in, and the extra ballast made it even harder to get around. Of course, the more sedentary I got, the more weight I put on.
It wasn't until I forced myself to Tramadol-fuelled exercise at the new outdoor gym downstairs every day, that I began to lose and keep it off. Then, last winter, I had a sleeve gastroectomy after YEARS on the NHS list, and that's helped a great deal,although to my disappointment, you still get hungry;VERY hungry. I think I've lost about 10 stone,although I'm still very heavy by 'normal' standards. I doubt I'll ever be anything like slim, but I'd like to lose a few more stone, if it's possible. We'll see...

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