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Singin' Fool...
Yes, I managed to drag my atrophied, crackly vocal cords and dodgy ear across the street to choir practise, and survived. Singing is still a lovely physical pleasure, even when you suck. I like it when you can feel the resonance buzzing in 'the mask' and chest. Heh.
Too bad I didn't know the CCC was rehearsing nearby when they did the Spirituals section from CHILD OF OUR TIME, that must have been proper fun.
It was such a pleasant day, I hit the South Bank after my 'workout', and pootled around; had a little 'artist date' at the NT, where there's an interesting National Lampoon celebration of the Anniversary, with  lots of cool cartoons.


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Re ears, I guess that's the glory of an uncompromising haircut. My Mum's hairdresser is always trying to whisk her hair away from her ears and she always refuses, for the enormo-ear reason.

It's a shame you're not singing spirituals instead of hymns, since they're about 3000% more fun.

Re Spirituals, yeah, I'm really peeved I missed out on the Tippet arrangements.
The ear thing really is an old folks' problem, apparently, as your face droops and withers, your nose (mine was mega to begin with!) and ears appear bigger. :P Oh well, I ain't growing my hair. (I've hardly got any!)

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