Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Dolescum Persecution...

Still steaming about that Channel Five 'documentary'  ON BENEFITS AND PROUD, that I watched the other night. It is so frightening that his kind of bigoted drek is constantly being airmed at the Mail-reader types who will believe it, and become even more intolerant of us poor and vulnerable types.
Some 'scroungers', it must be admitted, seem to make a sort of career of flaunting their inadequacies on the media, like the 'dole queen' woman who was supposedly given a 'mansion' for nine of her eleven kids to live in. OY...but, however unwise it may have been for someone like that to squeeze out eleven 'special'-looking children, she's done it, and however 'undeserving' she and her partners may be, the kids haven't done anything wrong; at least one of them seems seriously learning-disabled, and they need to be decently housed, etc.
Then they trotted out the feckless young Vicky Pollard-style single mums getting their acryllic nails done in 'trendy' Camden on the taxpayers' dime, and and the Liverpool clan who resembled 'Cletis' out of the SIMPSONS and his family, obsessing about their cable TV.
yokelsThese people do exist, but of the many po' folk on my estate, they're very much in the minority, and countless others are being made to suffer (as if our lives weren't rough enough-) for their 'crimes'.
Speaking of obsessing over TV, BT Vision is still fucked AGAIN. I did get to see HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN between breakdowns, in the end, though, and it was grossly amusing;  plenty of exploding heads, etc. Brian Downey was the gurning villain, and very funny. I don't think I'd ever seen in in anything but LEXX.

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