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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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I am feeling kinda low and hopeless and useless and meh. The usual, but a bit more so. Did double exercise to try and wake myself up, but no. I'm really hungry, too.
I was approached by yet another neighbour, a lady whose flat overlooks the park, who has been following my fitness efforts. She thinks I look 'so energetic' now. Och, I wish...
I will admit to having laughed out loud several times at COUNT ARTHUR STRONG tonight (The dog bite/casualty ward episode.) My mind really must be degenerating. It does grow on you, though. I've also had the odd snigger from LONDON IRISH.

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Yay for fitness efforts! They will pay off...eventually. That is what I hope.

We quite enjoyed Count Arthur Strong. You're not useless, look at all you've achieved! Hope you start to feel less low soon.

I used to think it was just idiotic, would watch a few minutes and get annoyed, then I just found myself amused by it. (Hated it on radio,too.)Go figure.
"Achieved"!? (Thanks, though-)

Oh, BTW, what to we do about MCR? Cheque to you/cash on the spot? What's your pleasure?

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