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Nice Winter Weather...

Cold, but bright and invigorating. Quite pleasant. I did Renate's shopping, a bit of drawing, and spent more money I haven't got renting RING 0: BIRTHDAY, a prequel providing some explanations of the cryptic images on the Tape of Death featured in the series. It concerns the pre-well life of unfortunate demon-girl Sadako, who attempts to live normally by working as an apprentice in a small theatre troupe. It all goes 'orribly wrong of course...Stylish and creepy, and better than '2',in my opinion.
I know little of Japanese culture, really, but in recent horror films there are frequent instances of conventionally porcelain-dolly young women performing hideous deeds while smiling in a rather gruesome, frightening manner. Is this something to do with fear of Oriental womanhood beginning to expect Western independence, sexual equality, etc.?

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