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Watched  PARADISE:LOVE, one of a trilogy, and it was very, VERRY depressing. At first, I thought it was a documentary, until it got so glumly intimate that I couldn't imagine anyone, however exhibitionist/masochistic, would allow themselve to be filmed 'like that'. Oy...It was all about this dowdy Austrian woman, with a dull life working as a carer for the mentally disabled and living with a daughter in full 'Kevin the Teenager' mode, going off to Kenya for a spot of sex tourism. Oh boy, was it dismal. Hope the other episoes lighten up a bit...and I don't usually complain about downbeat content!
Also watched DOWNTON ABBEY, for the 'Nellie Melba' thread. I still can't understand how many people are hooked on it.The dialogue is super-lame, the plots are boring, and I loathe all the characters, with the marginal exception of naughty O'Brien, who has gone off to Australia, or India, or somewhere, to do evil.
It was, as usual, soporific, but I've since read that legions of Mail-readers have been completely shattered by a scene where the gruesome Bates' unexplainably adoring wife got rather decorously raped by Son of Dirty Den EASTENDERS.
Switchboards flooded with angry protests, etc. Gimmie a break!
It's supposed to cool off in a few days. I do hope so, this sickly 'Indian Summer' weather is making me feel so crook...
Had my head shorn, and was horrified by how EXTREMELY old, weary and bloodhound-jowled I look. Jeez...

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Luvva Pete, mind the Downton Abbey details ... we won't be getting it here until January .. It's a soap opera, true, but one with nice production values, and that makes all the difference. (We recently watched a back episode of Dark Shadows, and does anybody remember how dull that show was? All talk.)

Ohh, sorry abut that! Yes, the frocks and settings are very pretty, but I've never been able to get into it. (My favourite bit is the Labrador's bum jogging along during the credits.)
I've never seen a DARK SHADOWS episode for about 40 years, although I remember really enjoying it back in the day. Back then, of course, you couldn't record, or watch on VHS/DVDs and I hardly ever got to see it, due to classes/work. I greatly rsented that!

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