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Various Afflictions...
I managed to feckin' scald myself a week or so ago (with Amazy's assistance...) and it was quite gruesome, not to mention painful. Relieved to say, it's all dried up and fading, at last. I still expect to have a scar, though. Well, I have plenty of worse disfigurements.

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You've really been through the wars lately with your flu and than that.
Good thing the hot coffee landed on you and not Amazy, otherwise it probably would have been another trip to the vet.

Yes, thank goodness, and how would you keep a stoopid animal from licking it all the time...Elizabethan collar, etc? Sheesh.

thnx for adding me. My journal is mostly in Russian and mostly about degus and sketching, at this stage, but not always.

I just love your cartoons - same prob with my cat, nothing I love more than a burnt, tea-soaked tit.

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