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STILL Sickly, Kinky DUTCHMAN...
Once again, I woke up in complete hammered shit mode, but forced myself to perform the Crazy Old Fat Lady Workout, anyway. I actually feel sightly less bunged up while I'm exercising , but get worse and worse as the day goes on, until I'm miserable at night.
Later I checked out an interestingly spicy 1985 Bayreuth production of THE FLYING DUTCHMAN.  Our first sight of the antihero is usually a staid figure in a 'Sandeman's Port'-style hat and cape...
Here, we got a strappingly handsome Black man (Simon Estes) in peek-a-boo leathers, chained to his blood-red sail, and writhing around the stage in existential anguish. Golly gosh, that enlivened me for a bit.
I'm feeling snotty and feeble again, now, though, and have to face the vet with Amazy again in the morning...


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Oo, I'm going to The Flying Dutchman next week - my first Wagner! I'm crossing my fingers I like it, as I'm taking my Mum to Melbourne in December to see the entire Ring Cycle. It's going to be a long and bum-numbing five days if I hate it, but it's done so rarely I had to take the risk. I'm hoping for plaits and pointy hats.

It's always been a favourite of mine. Of course, I like the spooky, obsessional story, and it's a good into to Wagner, I think, 'only' about three hours long, with plenty of 'tunes', some lively chorus action, and it's longeur-light.
As for THE RING, there's a famous remark I can't quite recall about many ecstatic moments amidst tedious half-hours.
I would absolutely take it to my desert island, but many would rather die in the shipwreck.
I would advise you to do a bit of homework, if your're not up on your Norse gods and legends, and maybe familiarise yourself with some of the leitmotifs. Otherwise , sit back and let yourself ride with it. Crazy magic.
Unfortunately, you seldom get plaits and pointy hats these days. I like full-on woowoo mythosy things, but they keep doing tricks like setting it on Wall Street, etc. This stuff is so great, though, almost any production is thrilling.

Thanks for the advice! I wasn't sure whether to study up first or to just go with it - my Mum said she first saw it knowing nothing about it and loved it, but my experience with most classical music is the better you know it, the more you enjoy it. Since I'm going to an actual other country for this, I don't want to waste the opportunity, but on the other hand the element of surprise has something to recommend it to. Listening to the leitmotifs sounds like great middle ground. I'm already familiar with the Norse gods and their wacky doings, fortunately.

just to say that i like reading your LJ, whether its fictional or real. Get well if its real, your sketches or remarks like about black man in leather and chains make me smile!

Gee, thanks. Yes, my doodlediary is more or less real, and the chained, leather-clad hottie was, too. You can check him out on YouTube

However, to my knowledge, The Crazy Old Fat Lady Workout hasn't been posted yet!

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