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STILL Sickly, Kinky DUTCHMAN...

Once again, I woke up in complete hammered shit mode, but forced myself to perform the Crazy Old Fat Lady Workout, anyway. I actually feel sightly less bunged up while I'm exercising , but get worse and worse as the day goes on, until I'm miserable at night.
Later I checked out an interestingly spicy 1985 Bayreuth production of THE FLYING DUTCHMAN.  Our first sight of the antihero is usually a staid figure in a 'Sandeman's Port'-style hat and cape...
Here, we got a strappingly handsome Black man (Simon Estes) in peek-a-boo leathers, chained to his blood-red sail, and writhing around the stage in existential anguish. Golly gosh, that enlivened me for a bit.
I'm feeling snotty and feeble again, now, though, and have to face the vet with Amazy again in the morning...


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