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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Beyond Feckin' Belief...
life is pain
Amazy had three teeth out, and one dropped out on its own. she looks pretty sad, and I have to try and give her all these meds. (I don't remember having to do this when Wotan had teeth out...) I also have to take her back on Friday for post-op, and it looks like she does have kidney trouble and likely high blood pressure. We'll have to discuss the special diet, etc. (£££) on Friday. The bill today was around £450, and I greatly doubt if the insurance covers any of it. Even 'Premium' seldom coughs up for dental stuff. I actually nearly fell over. Well, looks like definitely no Christmas markets for me this year.
(Grizzle) Also , I have a really bad sore throat. Not another pissing lurgy! O, I am slain.

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(Deleted comment)
My little cat Stacey cut her chin through to the bone last Sunday night, and I took her to the vet the following day. That was $240, from a clinic in my neighborhood that's just starting up—just to look at it and clean it up.

So I was referred to a more established clinic to get her stitched up the following day. $800.

This is why I have health insurance for my pets, even my indoor cats.

Re: Tell me about it!

Yeah, I've yet to find a policy that covers extractions though, unless they're due to an injury. Bastards.
I'm paying top dollar for the one I have, which was lucky because of the hyperthryroid treatment she had to have recently.

Surprised they didn't give you a price range at least. Poor little Amazy & even poorer you!

Well, I should have had the sense to ask, I guess.I was expecting only one tooth, as well. Now I have the fun of trying to get meds down her for the rest of the week, too. Ai, ai, ai...

Christ, talk about sticker shock! I'm not sure who's worse off, Amazy or you. As for R, I'm about ready to get on a plane and express-deliver her a smack in the face.

Re meds: my technique, if it's any help, is to crush the pill with the back of a spoon, then mix it with a very small amount of butter with your fingers (the body heat helps to melt the butter slightly which makes it easier to work with) then get it on your finger and spread it along the cat's mouth. It would probably work just as well on a paw too. They have no option but to lick it off, and they don't actually mind that much, because butter.

Oh yes, I've found that works...sometimes

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