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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Queasy Meezie...
Bloody hell. I keep feeling crook again just when I think it's all gone. I don't have much of the 'cold' manifestation any more but I feel generally meh and VERY joint-pained. Feck.
Not remotely in the mood for FLEDERMAUS, but I imagine  I'll enjoy it when I get there.
Saw LOLA MONTES on DVD, with an interesting documentary included. It's quite something. I saw it on b&w TV decades ago, heavily cut and didn't think much of it, but it really is a brilliant spectacle, and features Peter Ustinov, the ever-intriguing Anton Walbrook, and a VERY young Oskar Werner. Well worth checking out.

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I fear I'm sinking into the snot stage, but I ain't missing Fledermaus!

A curious dream, starts off sad and then becomes oddly upbeat. A good thing?

I often have dreams like this, where I encounter dead friends, human and animal, looking jolly and in good health. I suppose it's just a sort of self-consolation mechanism, but I like to think that's how they are now, in the 'afterlife'

BTW, that's box E, if you didn't see last message. A frothy frolic feels like the *last* thing I need at the moment. (Urp...) but I expect I'll be glad I forced myself to go. See ya later.

This particular lurgy seems to have gone round the world, characterised by it turning up again and again just when you thought you'd got shot of it. It's a bastard of a thing.

Have you tried Garlic + Horseradish + Vit C pills?

Horseradish? Can't say I have!

Yay, a whole new page! Tis the season!

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