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Mentalist Spending Spree...

Went to the West End with my Book Token throbbing in my pocket.As one does, I ended up overdoing it...I got Christopher Logue's take on the Iliad, WAR MUSIC, which I've wanted for some time, a pocket guide to Brussels (next month...)and hung about in Borders gawking at all sorts, mainly occult stuff. There was a big book about Odinism that I really would like to read. I'm very drawn to it, although it generally seems to be embraced by racist bikers, etc...I think there's much more there than the unpleasant spin they put on it.
The graphic novel section in Borders is total shite, at the moment,btw. Whoever's doing the buying obviously is not very adventurous, or interested.
I moved on to the Odeon Shaftesbury Ave,with my wee coupon from the Observer, and bagged a free paperback of THE HOURS. Excellent. I was, at this point ahead of the game, but waddled on to COMIC SHOWCASE and came out with Eddie Cambell's HOW TO BE AN ARTIST, and SNAKES AND LADDERS. Back on the porridge for the rest of the week...Then I went even madder and bought three bracelets at the market behind St Martin's-in-the-Fields. (One was big lumps of fake turquoise, and two (one for my sister-)made of wooden skull beads [Yeh!]...£9 altogether!)
When I got home, I discovered that the big dish of bread pudding I made Sunday from a stale loaf, and had hoped would sustain me for most of the week, had gone all curdly- putrid, and I had to chuck it. A major loss. Maybe I shouldn't have made it with soya milk. It was really good, at first, though...So passes another vie de boheme day.

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