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Watched  DREAMS THAT MONEY CAN BUY, part of our 'homework' for the City Lit class. It's supposed to be David Lynch's favourite film, and featured turns from Max Ernst and various other famous people. All in all, it didn't really do a lot for me, although the individual segments were interesting visually.
I also finally got through SPARTACUS. The last couple of episodes weren't quite as bad, with a little bit of character development, and a bit less 'Yaaaargh!'ing.
Had to take several expensive, barely-worn pairs of shoes to the MIND shop, to the delight of the woman who put them straight in the window. They're just so loose, though, even with socks, that it's dangerous to wear them. That's 'good', of course, but I'm pissed off at all the wasted money._IMG_NEW_IMG_0002_NEW_IMG_NEW

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