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Crazycrone's Corner

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(no subject)
_IMG_NEWGlad I forced myself to go to the DRAW YOUR DREAMS class at the City Lit. No excuse not to; it's a one-bus journey plus a very short walk, for me, and the weather, although dreich, could be dealt with. I was also relieved that only seven people showed up. I can cope with that.
The instructor was Maltese, so had been dream-orientated all his life, and obviously enjoyed the topic. He even introduced me to a couple of dream art creators I hadn't known about, Adam Dent and Jim Shaw. He didn't seem to now much about the flourising dream comic subgenre, though, so maybe I can bring in some examples next week.
The ''new' City Lit is sadly, pretty bleak. On the plus side, there are now several lifts, and a digital display to tell you where your class is. The stll-cheapsh canteen gub looked tasty, and my coffee was definitely abouve average.The atmosphere is harsh, though The old canteen was shabby, but rather cosy. This isn't. The whole place, so far, is a bit like a hospital, and the classrooms are dank and chilly as ever. Brr.

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After Woodring, what?

You've seen Jim Shaw's work: He did that long story about Batman in the jungle that was in that dream anthology you were in.

Oh yes, I remember now. He also curated that cool exhibit of thrift shop paintings at the ICA some years ago

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