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Going to Hell
I was quite low, yesterday, and not much better today. I think the sudden change to grey, grim weather has affected a lot of people, going by the conversations in the dog park. It would be nice to have the odd stretch of weather that wasn't extreme (Yes, I know we're lucky compared to areas in the US, etc, that are getting truly hammered...) I've actually got all the windows shut against the chilly wind, and it still feels cold in here.
I was rather demoralised by seeing that expose on Cyril Smith, too...Back in the day, I used to rather admire him. He seemed honest, for a politician, dedicated to helping his constituents, and it was nice to see a fat person who was so popular, and didn't seem at all bothered by his size.  Turns out he was a Jimmy Saville-style monster molester who damaged hundreds of young boys who'd already had a tough start in life. As for the cover-up...!!!
I tried to escape my glums by starting the SPARTACUS:WAR OF THE DAMNED series; a nice dose of manic, mindless sex and violence to jolly me up... It's the last series, though, all the more interesting characters have been killed off, and it was just non-stop CGI decapitations, with the odd orgy. (I do love that music with GOOD BAD & UGLY-style vocals they play when people have sex, though...)  It gets a bit boring after a while, especially when there are no subtitles, and you can't  understand a word they're saying , apart from the incessant stream of 'Fuck' 'Cunt' and 'Apologies!', not forgetting  an 'AARGH!' with every slice of the sword... There was only one naked willy that I saw, as well. It's really gone downhill, and it never was much good. Bah.

IMGThis dream was a bit spooky, too. When I tried to interpret it, I came up with the notion that maybe my time is almost up, and all I have left is a few scraps. Waaaagh!
It was the guy in the purple top hat's plate, though...

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What is the secret of the pie tin?


Re: What is the secret of the pie tin?

What? WHAT!?

well, at least he didn't have a polo on his hat. That would be scary.

Jeremy's best at dreams but she hasn't chimed in yet. I'd say it's comic opposites; it's saying Not you.

Oh yeah, a Solo Polo Eyeball would have been just too much...

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