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...Feckin' Christmas cakes and stuff on sale in Sainsbury's. Every year, it pisses me off.
I can almost fit into the Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans I bought in a clearance sale at Piccadilly about 30 years ago. (What was the name of that big department store that was replaced by HMV, I think...?)  They were the poshest items of clothing I'd ever owned, and were about 90% reduced.
Jut saw the latest BREAKING BAD , "To'hjiilee"; cracking episode, only three more to go. Oh, the suspense!
I've also finished season 3 of BOADWALK EMPIRE, which doesn't get all that much hype, but is really good. Love the period costumes & detail. Steve Buscemi is such a good actor, and so fascinating to watch. Similar to Kevin Spacey, in that you wouldn't say he's actually fanciable, but he has such a strange, intriguing face that you get quite obsessed with looking at him.
I'm really hungry today. Wanna eat 'bad' food and lots of it. Must resist...Gnrgh...

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Xmas crap already? Good grief.

Screw Winter! Xmas reboot time!

Yay your Huell. I just re-watched "To'hjiilee" and I love that it feels like a final episode.

"Fire in the hole bitch! Oh, nice, orange flames!"

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Oh yes, now I need a "Fire in the hole, bitch!" T-shirt

(What was the name of that big department store that was replaced by HMV, I think...?)


I had Gloria Vanderbilt jeans 30 years ago too! It was in the early days of stretch jeans, and while most brands made you look like a sausage in a casing, they got their stretch just right. As a student I had a part-time job in a shop at the time and got mine with my employee discount. Even so they were the most expensive item of clothing I'd ever bought. I'm impressed you still have yours, not to mention that you can almost fit into them!

I said about another stone or so, maybe...I loved those jeans, and kept them, although they were quite worn, and I grew way too big for them. Really wanna wear 'em again. Yes, stretch jeans were really a thrill then, weren't they?
Simpson's? Not sure. It was very big and famous.

Getting obsessive, now...Wikepedia says that Simpsons traded until the '90s, but I recall this giant closing down sale, in the late 70's-early 80's with rich-folk clothes going for peanuts (like GV stretch jeans...) Wished at the time I'd had enough money to stock up, but could only afford two pairs, the one I have, and one that totally disintegrated with constant wear.

(Equally obsessive...) Aha! Swan and Edgar? That closed in the early 80s and was subsequently occupied by various music chains, so it sounds closer to what you remember.

Oh yes, think you've got it!

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