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...Feckin' Christmas cakes and stuff on sale in Sainsbury's. Every year, it pisses me off.
I can almost fit into the Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans I bought in a clearance sale at Piccadilly about 30 years ago. (What was the name of that big department store that was replaced by HMV, I think...?)  They were the poshest items of clothing I'd ever owned, and were about 90% reduced.
Jut saw the latest BREAKING BAD , "To'hjiilee"; cracking episode, only three more to go. Oh, the suspense!
I've also finished season 3 of BOADWALK EMPIRE, which doesn't get all that much hype, but is really good. Love the period costumes & detail. Steve Buscemi is such a good actor, and so fascinating to watch. Similar to Kevin Spacey, in that you wouldn't say he's actually fanciable, but he has such a strange, intriguing face that you get quite obsessed with looking at him.
I'm really hungry today. Wanna eat 'bad' food and lots of it. Must resist...Gnrgh...

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