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Sleep Paralysis....

...I've seen this mentioned several times, recently ,as the probable explanation for alien abduction experiences. I suppose it's fairly likely. When I was a child, I had these episodes , and they always involved lying in the bed too frightened to move, surrounded by 'greys' who just stared at me, or less frequently skittered about unnervingly, like giant cockroaches. However, this doesn't fully explain the beautiful 'angel' who used to come and calm me down if I'd been particularly terrified. 'Logically', I suppose he could have been the product of drifting back into more usual 'dream' territory from the paralysis state. It's also interesting that I never had the full-whack abduction trip, operating theatre, probes up the orifices, etc. I always reckoned, being such a low self-esteem girl, that I was considered too feeble and/or uninteresting to be a fit subject for their nefarious fiddling about...Unworthy to be vivisected!
Whatever they say, though, I still have an inner conviction that these strange, ambivalent creatures are, in some way, 'real', if not necessarily from other planets.'I want to believe'...
God, I must get myself together and get some proper work done today. I have a couple of projects on the go that might just pay off, a bit, at some point, if I could actually get going. It's so horribly difficult to fight this despairing inertia. (I know how wanky this sounds,but other people with clinical depression will understand what I'm talking about...) It's no joke, although some maintain that these fallow flaked-out periods actually enrich your creativity in the end. I feckin' hope so...
On the brighter side, it's so gratifying to see my feline familiar filling out. Wotan's ribs are nicely covered, and his backbone a lot less 'bumpy', too. His neck wound's healing very neatly, and he's fulla beans. Does my soul good...Speaking of beans, that Comic Relief TV ad with 'Monkeh' farting volcanically, with a mouthful of crisps,tickles my sadly infantile funny bone. Snerk-

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