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Excruciating Heat, Family Worry...

Still can't transfer any doodles, damn it.
After working out, I mostly hid all day from the sizzling steamy sun. May the gods grant some freshness, now. I watched a few more BREAKING BAD episodes. (Yes, I did order that T-shirt..God, I'm so childish.)
Had an email from my sister, whose doctor keeps hassling her because she weighs 92 Pounds! How did we ever get to be Jack Sprat and his wife? I always reckoned my mother made her anorexic by constantly threatening  that she'd end up 'like Lee', whenever she showed any sign of enjoying food.She's always eaten very sparingly, and the last time I saw her, over 20 years ago, she was quite skinny, and kept bugging me about how  was going to die because I was fat. She must have got a lot worse, though. She's around the same height as I am, and I'm 'supposed' to be 10 stone. It's a bit scary.

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