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Home Again...

Fecking BT Vision is STILL frelled, those bastards. I'm online, anyway, thank the gods...
Got back Thursday evening in the midst of some huge traffic snarl and carry-on, with many cop cars, ambulances, etc. at Vauxhall. There was never any news report or anything about it, but it was a mess..
Ghent is a charming wee place, although a bit grimy and piss/shit smelly, which I guess is just typical of all urban areas in summer. I never travel when it's hot, if I can avoid it. I came out covered with giant mosquito bites, too. I still look like a plague victim.
I was pleased to be able to take the tourist boat ride which was included on our city card, Two years ago it would have been impossible for me to crawl on and off, and I still rocked the boat more than most when boarding, but I did it, with minimum pain, too. Heh. It was very pleasant on the water, cooled us off a bit...
It's a neat little city, with most of the sightseeing stuff right in the centre. Our hotel was super-convenient, too although it took a while to find it. (No address on our documents, and there were two places with the same name!) Staff was useless, and we were put into a grim single room, (with a black ceiling!) since they hadn't arranged for twin beds, as requested months ago, and they were now full.Fap. We did get a proper double for the last two nights, (mosquitoes included.) Must say the breakfast buffet was scrummy, tough.
St Bavo's is quite a lush cathedral, plenty to goggle at, although the crypt was shut for repairs. The other two churches, St Michael and St Nicholas, were good value, too.
The House of Alijn is a rather nifty popular culture museum, with rooms furnished in the style of various periods, and many curious objects to inspect.
We didn't stay long in the Castle of the Counts; too many cobbled steps to scary high places, although we missed out on an exhibit of armour and torture instruments by copping out.
My favourite venue was the Dr Guislain Museum, lodged in an old asylum, with spacious, cool grounds. I didn't get to see the enticingly gruesome-looking History of Psychiatry section, but there's a large and fascinating Outsider Art collection, which was terrific.
Unfortunately, we never made it to the Museum of Fine Arts, or the beguinages. We only had two days' exploring time, though, and I reckon we did pretty well. Pictures to come, sometime.
For some reason, LJ won't currently allow me so change my userpic, or post any images. WTF?

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