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Gotcher Catastrophe Kits Packed?

Why do I feel so strangely cynical about this spate of high-security 'alerts'? My mother was blathering on the other day about how the US Government, which she takes quite seriously, has instructed everyone to stock up with at least three days' food and water, and be prepared to tape up the windows, etc. (Don't forget the 'protect and survive' bin liners and toe-tags for the deceased-)Actually, my mother used to stockpile water in the basement, back in the Cold War days.She used empty laundry bleach bottles!
Speaking of staking out in the basement, SIGNS is a complete and total swizz, not remotely scary. No proper FX, even. (The alien menace is represented by dorky men-in-tights.).. There are sickly-sweet vulnerable asthmatic kids in peril, too, AND an uplifting ending. Barf.
I must now prostrate myself and confess that I also rented the special edition version of LOTR, which I liked even more than the original. It didn't seem over-long at all, and I enjoyed every second. I want to be a gurning, dribbling orc extra. That might be even more fun than being in a zombie film. Seriously, though, I wish some fairy godmother would manifest and transform me into an elf. They so purty...

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